The Underground Girls


Today was a big day in my sphere of the universe. I and a partner launched a Kickstarter project! It is for what I hope will be my next major book/script The Underground Girls. Here is the Kickstarter link: 

This is the untold saga of sisters who were couriers in the underground during WWII. From all accounts they were some of the bravest fighters around and didn’t survive the war. The leaders of the Resistance spoke highly of these women but until now their story has never been told.

I am often amazed about how many people – even university educated ones – don’t know about the horrors of the Holocaust or the devastation of WWII. For them, it is the backdrop of bad war movies they saw as kids. History has taught us though that we must learn from the past in order to improve the future.

If you don’t know about Kickstarter, it is owned by Amazon and you make a pledge which isn’t charged until funding is complete. In this case, that will be November. We have 42 days to raise our money. If we don’t raise it all, we get nothing and no one is charged. That is how Kickstarter works.

In short, we need everyone’s help and yes, YOU are part of that ‘everyone’. A project like this takes time and research and we can’t raise all the money if everyone doesn’t pitch in a little something. We aren’t asking for big sums and only ask that you do what you can.

There is a 2 minute video on the Kickstarter page which explains the project in detail. On there are links to our website, , another blog dedicated solely to the project, and a Pinterest account where I will posting images over the course of the project. In other words, you will know how it is coming along but again, we can’t do this without your help.

So, I am asking you, I implore you, if you enjoy this blog to join in and help honor these women, teach a new generation about this era, and share this experience with us.  

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