I had an interesting day today. One that started off with an unscheduled flurry of emails, calls, and chats that went non-stop well into the lunch hour. It was a global experience as I literally contacted 5 of the 7 continents. If you know me though, you don’t find that stat surprising.

Then at around lunch, I opened an email that took the perfect out of the day. I opened this email informing me that a new production of Evita would be opening up on Broadway. I thought great! Then I noticed who was cast in it. Ricky Martin was the first name on the bill. Ricky Martin? RICKY MARTIN???

Apparently, She Bangs, She Bangs is qualifications for a lead in a Broadway show these days. Seriously, if they wanted to treat it as a farce, why bother with Broadway at all? Why not just cast Justin Bieber and sell the show to Nickelodeon, take the profits, and be done with it? Seriously, Ricky Martin? Ugh.

I feel for every talented theatre actor out there who has studied, sweated, paid their dues and can out bang Martin when it comes to stage work, any day of the week. There are scores of such actors and their chances of getting that ever elusive big hit role, in what is a most difficult occupation at best, just got that much harder by producers selling out to the likes of Ricky Martin. 

I grabbed a quick lunch, watched the financial channels marvel that people are stampeding to grab part of the Facebook IPO when, as they broke down the actual figures, there is real reason not to jump into that offering head first. They were cautioning people to look before you leap. But greed will cause a herd to stampede. Maybe the analysts were wrong. Maybe they learned of the Ricky Martin casting like I did and suffered a bout of nausea that clouded their vision.

Now, I was running all the above through my mind while at the store. I stopped at a store I seldom go to, just to load up on soda which was on sale about as cheap as I will find it. While there I grabbed some chips and a brand of taco sauce, that I hesitated about buying because it is more expensive, but I really like it so I treated myself. The chips and sauce went in a bag.

Where that bag went is now a mystery. It wasn’t in the shopping cart when I pulled the cart away. Then again, it wasn’t in the auto when I got home. And yes, I did carry it out of the store. So what ever money I saved on soda, was mostly wasted on the lost items. I never do that so I am not sure what happened. I will blame it on Ricky Martin though for being such an aggravating distraction. I mean, Ricky Martin as Che? As Gen. Peron? Sorry, Ricky Martin just can’t bang.

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