Quick Oscar Follow-up

Told you not to take the Oscar picks in my last post to seriously. I ended up less than .500, mainly from getting all acting winners wrong. Go figure.  I did think this Oscar show was the best in several years. I attribute that to two main factors. First, there were no absolutely clear favorites going into the night so there was a bit of suspense. In fact, Hugo won a handful of awards early and I wondered for a second if they were going to upset things a bit. Secondly, Billy Crystal knows how to entertain without offense. His presence just brings an enjoyable element to the show.

I thought the highlights from the evening which helped me forget my lousy handicapping were the Supporting Actress winner who was so overwhelmed by her win that she almost collapsed before getting to the stage. The Circus performance was awesome and so was that choir/singer for the memorial moment portion of the show. Of course it was good – even though I didn’t pick her – to see Meryl Streep win her third out of 17 nominations. Very few people win three Oscars and there is no doubt that Streep IS the best actress of this generation. It was also great to see two 82 y.o. actors up for Best Supporting Actor and one, Christopher Plummer, take it home.

One last note….. the international flavor of the movies is obvious now. It has taken over a decade to get to this point. Over 50% of box office comes from outside the U.S.A.  The winners tonight show how foreign movie makers are being recognized. A winner from Iran….A Best Picture from French film makers…… people who worked on Hugo (a story set in Paris) from Italy taking home an Oscar…. even Woody Allen though from New York had his script Midnight In Paris add yet another Oscar to his collection. It has been a while since Allen won one but like Streep it is well-deserved.

This variety of influence is inspirational to independent artists and those in places, like Iran, where you do the art for love because success is never in sight. Watching a show like tonight’s, is a good way to swing into tomorrow’s work load.

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