Israel officials criticize anyone who say there is a Jewish Lobby in the US as trying to de-legitimize Israel. Except, that the last few days, the Israel President, PM, and other officials did the once a year pilgrimage to D.C. to meet/speak before … you guessed it, the Israel Lobby also known as AIPAC.

AIPAC, like so many things political in the U.S., use to represent people. Now it just represents money. Mainly, campaign funds. It is a far right group that speaks to a fringe element without consideration to American interests or often Israeli ones. Right now, they are pushing for a war with Iran.

They aren’t alone. Republicans in general think the U.S. should lead an attack on Iran even though there is no support here for it. The country is weary of war. Americans want their troops home. It is easy to talk of war but forget that actual military action is a deadly venture. If you favor a war with Iran then you should be answering yes to the following questions:

*Go against the wishes of the Israeli public? According to a 972 magazine published poll this week, less than 20% of Israelis favor an Israel solo attack on Iran. Less than half favor one if they have U.S. help.

*Are you ready for a 50% hike in petrol prices? Maybe rationing? Any conflict means a shutdown of the Strait of Hormuz where oil flows to the west. A major conflict could also see the destruction of oil fields in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

*Are you ready to commit a million troops to battle? If you have to occupy Iran, or Iran sends a million armed men screaming across the border, you’re pretty well looking at this kind of commitment.

*Are you ready for a major cyber attack that could cripple wi-fi use, utilities, and transport? Cyber attacks between the two sides have already occurred on a small scale.

*Are you ready for a regional war? Nothing says Iran is going to allow themselves to be hit and not strike back. A military strike could lead to a regional war within hours. It may involve the likes of Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Syria. If the US gets involved, nothings says the Russians won’t step in either. No one wants this but events like this historically tend to spin out of control.

*Are you ready to play the hypocrite on the nuclear issue? Iran is building it’s capacity but other powers like China and the U.S. are helping the Saudi’s, India, and Jordan to do the same thing. Israel already has a nuclear arsenal.

It is easy to sound tough and rattle the saber. It is much more responsible to stay sober and realize that the war talk is cheap and that any wrong move could lead to deadly results. In the end, maybe war will be the only course of action but that doesn’t mean anyone should be sprinting down that path.

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