I went to see Hunger Games tonight. I never read the books but as it turned out, that isn’t vital to enjoying the movie. I’ve heard from others that the movie stays true overall to the plot of the book although isn’t as dark as it’s print counter-parts. The movie also runs about 2:20 so I’m not sure how much more could’ve been crammed into the script.

I really enjoyed this movie. This is the best movie to be released so far this year, I think. There are probably two main reasons for this besides the excellent film work. The first being the main character being played by Jennifer Lawrence. I saw her in Winters Bone (a must see) for which she got nominated for an Oscar. She just has a very unique screen presence and I think it really does resonate with the audience. She makes you care about her character. You hang on her every line and movement. This is also a sign she portrays a character’s emotional transitions really well.

The second is the script. What I liked a lot was the first part of the movie where you gained a clear sense of the downtrodden nature of District 12. It is a place where you learn to survive and that survival skill set is carried over nicely into the Hunger Games themselves. You felt the Lawrence character was District 12.

One area where the movie was probably toned down was the violence. I’ve actually read some articles about how violent the movie was but that criticism is way off base. The Director did a good job of showing very little gore. Really, there is less violence here than in most super hero films.

*Spoiler alert in this paragraph* The audience was captured by this movie. I was sitting in a nearly sold out showing and even the kids were attentive. When the character Rue is slain, one adult actually yelled out, “Oh, no.” in shock. You could hear gasps or ‘yes’ during parts of the movie and really, I like it when a film brings out this type of reaction in an audience. It makes it more fun.

One thing that the movie did remind me of is that I always wanted to learn archery. It’s on my bucket list. I’ve never had the chance to do it but have always had a desire to learn. Just not something city boys pick up on the sly. But maybe if things work out, I’ll be motivated to get around and get that scratched off my list.

If you get a chance to see Hunger Games then by all means do! Well worth the ticket.

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