The Oasis Cafe

I had personal pleasure today over lunch. Actually, the personal pleasure WAS lunch for I found a new cafe that served shawarma. I haven’t had shawarma since I left Yafo. Combine that with the hummus I ordered and it was pure delight!

The name of the cafe is Oasis Cafe, 4246 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL. It seemed to be fairly busy. It is a casual dining, which only added to the atmosphere because shawarma isn’t a fancy dining dish, experience and not a large space. There are about a dozen tables total but not crowded together either.

The shawarma was fixed in a different manner than I have had it before. Of course in Yafo, they stuff it in pita break and you dressed it up however you wanted. At the Oasis, the bread, which seemed like a flat bread, or uncut pita bread, was grilled/warmed, and then used to ‘wrap’ the shawarma. The sauces on the inside added a spice without being hot. My brother, who was with me, had never eating shawarma before and absolutely loved it.

The hummus was closer to a Greek style. I say this because in Yafo you can order your hummus prepared literally a dozen different ways. It wasn’t too dry or thick and I think would be a popular choice for anyone visiting the place. Prices were right in line with being a casual place. We got two shawarma, a plate of hummus, and two drinks for just under $20. We were stuffed when we left.

So if you’re ever down Sarasota way, get in the mood for some Med food, drive by the Oasis Cafe. You won’t be disappointed. I am linking to their website here 

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