One of the places topping my list of things to see in Atlanta was the Margaret Mitchell house. Margaret Mitchell was the lady who penned Gone With The Wind. It was the only real novel she published although she did do another one but it was rejected by her editor.

The above is a picture of the house but if you think she lived in the whole house, you would be wrong. There were at least 10 apartments in this house. Her flat was on the main floor and consisted of two rooms plus a kitchen you have trouble turning around in. She and her husband referred to it as ‘the dump’. She wrote the novel there after suffering an injury that laid her up. Needless to say, after it became a hit, they moved.

My good deed of the day came in helping two French tourists take pictures on the other side where there is a historical marker. They didn’t go in and it was only an after thought that I realized I should’ve asked if they knew to walk around to the other side for a tour. They’re English was good so maybe they just didn’t want to tour but get a picture.

Finding the house is not that hard. Parking in Atlanta, well on the weekend I was there, was cheap. Only $5 in most lots. But there is a free lot next to the house but you don’t know it is there until you’ve already parked somewhere else. Entry fee is a little steep for the short tour. It is $13 for what is essentially a 30 minute tour. The place just isn’t that big. But, I didn’t mind paying it as I know places like this need it for upkeep etc.

The tour itself was ok. My guide needed a little prodding to get into details about Mitchell’s personal habits. But she readily took questions and the group had plenty of those. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

I can’t say I am a die-hard Gone With The Wind fan although no one can argue with that scene of all the wounded and dead during the Battle of Atlanta being one of the great cinematic movie shots of all-time. Still, it was nice to visit a piece of history.

I did learn that Mitchell was very generous and charity was one of her main efforts. She was very much a lady ahead of her time in the way she lived. And I also learned that she was disgraced in Atlanta society for doing this Parisian dance at a society club event  Don’t worry, she got her revenge. When she became famous, she refused to do anything with the group that had barred her over the dance.

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