The Coca Cola Experience

While in Atlanta, I stopped by the World of Coca-Cola Experience. If you didn’t know, Coke’s HQ is in Atlanta and they have this special exhibit open to the public. The price of admission is reasonable at $16. I was amazed at the number of people attending. It was as popular as Disneyland.

I didn’t know what to expect once inside but was pleasantly surprised. They’re were different things to do and the exhibits are very interactive. This was especially true in the area telling of Coke’s history and those who had tried to claim they had the secret formula. The secret formula was a big theme in this place. In one area, you even got to see the vault – from the outside – where the formula is supposedly kept.

This place is very kid friendly. You can even get your pic taken with different Coke characters – like the Polar Bear – although I skipped that line. I said kid friendly but adults lined up for that as much as anyone.

I really enjoyed all the art work Coke had on display.

There was pop art, murals, and of course something from every ad Coke ever seemed to have run around the world. It was an amazing and entertaining display. I enjoyed the section where they had art pieces that were made out of Coke cans. That was kewl.

My favorite piece though was the Harp made from Coke products. Now, this is ingenious.

Coke has sponsored plenty of music and tours over the years and there was a section on that. There was also a bottling area where you could watch how a bottling plant operates for real. I think one of my fav things to see was the wall of Olympic pins displayed. They also had a collection of torches used to light the flame from a half dozen Olympics.  If you know anything about the Olympics, you know pins are collected. There were so many I couldn’t get the whole wall into my shot. It was impressive.

The only downside to this tour was the gift shop. Not that they didn’t have anything – THEY HAD EVERYTHING!. It was total tourist trap that sucked you into it. I spent as long in the gift shop as I did touring the place. Anything made with a Coke label could be found in that shop.

Overall this is a great place to visit for the whole family. It is right downtown near other sites. If you are in Atlanta, I’d recommend taking a tour.

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5 thoughts on “The Coca Cola Experience

  1. Vera

    Interesting! Is it actually true that you can taste there different coke varieties how they are offered in different countries?

    • Jett

      Yes! I meant to mention that and spaced it. There is a room on the way out where you can taste every singe drink Coke owns which is like 60 or 70 drinks. They also give you a small bottle of Coke on the way out. You have to exit through the gift shop, and there is a place in there to put a personal design on the Coke bottle for like $4.

  2. Vera

    did you try different ones? I always find it amazing that coke taste different in other coutries…depending on the taste and the allowed ingredients, I guess?

    • Jett

      No, I didn’t try them. Maybe because I’ve had Coke in different countries and also it was really crowded. Plus, it wasn’t just Coke. They had their sports drinks and things like Fanta which they own.

  3. Trudi Engelhart

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