The Second Gunman

Last week, CNN ran an interesting story. As far as I know, they are the only news network to cover this story. That story is that there is credible evidence to suggest Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian who assassinated Robert Kennedy, wasn’t the only shooter that night.

This brings out a sense of de ja vu because there has always been a debate whether or not there was a gunman on the grassy knoll when President Jack Kennedy was shot. But with Sen. Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan being the lone gunman has pretty much been the accepted line until now.

Sirhan Sirhan is seeking a new trial which is why evidence has surfaced at this time. Turns out that witnesses in the room that night, and there were several who gave this story, told the FBI that they heard gunshots that could not be attributed to the Palestinian gunman, Sirhan Sirhan. The FBI chose not to put this in their official reports. In fact, they never used these people as witnesses in going after Sirhan Sirhan. This is red flag number one.

Then there is the number of people shot that night. Robert Kennedy was killed but he wasn’t the only one stricken down by a bullet that night. Considering the speed in which Sirhan Sirhan was nabbed, this raises red flag number two. 

The most compelling evidence though is a sound recording that captured the shooting as it occurred. To me, this is even better than an eye-witness. There is no possibility of a faulty memory being involved or wrong impressions being relayed with this kind of forensic evidence. The sound recording reveals that over a dozen shots were fired that night. That is more bullets than Sirhan Sirhan’s gun held. Red flag number three and strong case for a second gunman.

Now the thing is, if there was a second gunman, considering all the news crews in that room that night, odds are, the second gunman was captured on film. If someone had the resources, it might be possible to narrow a field down to ‘probable suspects’. Someone in that room didn’t belong there.

I can count on one hand the number of politicians that I hold up as a role model. Robert Kennedy is one of them. He was a man who went through a real transformation and dedicated himself to helping those less fortunate. There is little doubt that if he had been elected, the United States would have been better off for it. For one, the whole Watergate era would never have happened. I actually got to visit the spot where he was killed. The Ambassador Hotel is gone now but I once had a cousin who was working there and he took me in to see the room.

It is disturbing that all three major assassinations of the 1960’s are clouded in doubt when it comes to what really happened. Equally disturbing is the role of the FBI and CIA in each of those cases. We may never know what really happened, but there is good reason why most people don’t believe the truth has been revealed.

When Robert Kennedy died, people in this country, small towns and big cities alike, lined the rail tracks as his body rolled back east. He had become the hope of the common man. So many people lined up to see his body in the cathedral that they kept the line going around the clock to try and accommodate as many people as possible. If you go back and look at footage from that time, it really is amazing the outpouring that happened.

I have a link here to the CNN story. (I wish they didn’t insert Google ads like 2 paragraphs in on every story.) It is well reported article. I hope you take time  to read it. Sirhan Sirhan deserves to rot in prison but I almost would like a new trial just to force all the rest of the evidence to surface.

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