Two Indicators

Three things happened this week that are a good indicator of how far off track the ruling system is in this country and why we seem to be spiraling downhill. Before you read this and start blaming one party of the other, just know, that I blame BOTH major parties. Two pigs feeding off the same trough in my view. I was going to write about all three but think I will do two now and save the other for a later post.

First, is our glorious TSA in action today. At an airport in New York today, Henry Kissinger – who is 92 now – was stopped and given a full pat down by the TSA because you know, guys who were once the most powerful person in the country and who are that age obviously are a threat to National Security.

I have a hunch Kissinger was in shock and with his connections, I’d be very afraid if I was the TSA of what he does when he comes out of that shock. TSA then added insult to injury by saying they didn’t realize who he was. I can see that. After all, who pays much attention to a guy who ended the Vietnam War, made Middle East Peace, or opened diplomatic relations with China? He is still considered one of the most powerful businessmen in the world.

Agree with Kissinger or not, it was really shameful to put the guy through that. I don’t know which to be more dumbfounded by, whether they thought a 92 y.o. guy was really a threat or that they didn’t know who he was? If they didn’t know who HE was then how do they know anything about anyone else?

Then there is the matter of the Facebook co-founder who gave up his U.S. citizen to move to Singapore. Mind you, he is rich and can afford Singapore, but there has been a strong uptick in people leaving the U.S. and in those giving up citizenship. I was surprised to learn that you have to pay a fine in order to give up your citizenship which I guess will guarantee you never have any regrets about doing it later on.

Some speculated that this case was prompted by an effort to save taxes the co-founder would make on the Facebook IPO coming up. But what it was about was banking. The U.S. has passed so many impossible regulations that many countries now have started to refuse Americans as customers. The hassle imposed by the American government is to hard and expensive to comply with. And if you think I am just talking about rich people, you are wrong. The foreign banks are banning ALL Americans.

Both of these cases involve a lack of common sense. There is no reason for Kissinger, or any other 92 y.o. man to be stopped in an airport. There is no reason that the IRS and Treasury department come down harder on foreign banks than they do a J.P. Morgan which just lost 2 billion dollars in risky trades in less than 6 weeks.

Common sense is lacking and it is a good reason the country has for the most part become dysfunctional.

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