In probably what is surely not a earth shattering post, I thought I’d blog about two issues that just seem to be dragging on. that I had to deal with this week.

First, there is the car accident I had a couple months ago when a guy plowed into me from behind while I was sitting at a red light. I thought I had everything resolved. Turns out, not so fast. One insurance company is dragging their feet for no understandable reason. I finally was reimbursed this week for two prescriptions I had to take after my trip to the ER. After two months, the insurance company finally managed to send me the 23 bucks it cost me for the prescriptions. The more substantial money for lost wages which they’ve said they will pay, has yet to show. 

For whatever reason, the company seems to have trouble reading the forms I sent them. They asked no less that 3 times for receipts for the prescriptions even though they already had them. Each time I would point that out to them and then they would look and go “oh, yeah, I guess you’re right”. I sent them wage info and each time I talk to them, they act as though they have never seen it before. Totally bizarre. Anyway, next week, appointment with a lawyer. My patience has run out.

Then there is the internet. Time Warner took over the service in this town last week. The first day, the town lost most of the service. Even after they got it back up and running, it was running slower than dial-up. So yesterday a guy came out to fix that. He got it right in the morning and around noon the whole town was down again.

For business this a problem. Places can’t take credit or debit cards. After yesterday, I was able to hook a couple friends up with the Square for their business. ATM’s don’t work. Phones don’t work if they are owned by Time Warner. Things are back to normal now but who knows about next week, right? 

Anyway, just seems like these are two issues that shouldn’t be lingering but are. So I take it out on my blog.  

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