The New Detention Camps

I was going to blog about a different topic but a headline from today ties directly into my last post, so I thought I had better speak my peace about that instead.

The headline today is that Israel has announced that it is ordering between 20,000-25,000 tents to house African – and they specified African – migrants. Where will these people be housed? In specially constructed camps that will be controlled by the prison services. When they are completed, the government intends to round-up African migrants and put them there.

I am absolutely appalled that a country who severed and loss so much in camps in other countries, has singled out a specific race, and is bothering to construct camps of their own, to house these people in. Does no one in Israel see the absolute irony in this? There are definitely going to be some psych papers written about this because the Israeli leadership has apparently lost it’s mind.

The Israeli regime is apparently incapable of suffering any shame. Their hatred for anyone different from themselves will, as is the fate of all such regimes, totally destroy Israel from within. I know an increasing number of Americans are absolutely stunned by the extent to which Israel is persecuting people. Israel relies on America for a lot –  think U.N. veto for starters – but at this rate, the writing is on the wall that these actions will eventually damage that relationship.

I wonder if this means Obama can never visit Israel? Under the logic of the current Israeli regime, he would have to be locked up because he is black. There are a lot of neo-Nazi’s here that would embrace that policy. What does it say when the current Israeli government and Nazi’s have a shared philosophy?

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4 thoughts on “The New Detention Camps

  1. Vera

    Well, sadly creating camps and putting refugees there to send them away or keep them away from life is not really an israel speciality…I think it´s Europe that should have learnt more from the past. There are hundrets of refugees drawning in the sea on a regular basis when they try to get away from africa (not getting help from UN boats) and there are so many refugees kept in horrible camps in italy and greece – the countries where they arrive, so the countries that are more far away (like Germany) are probably very happy they don´t have to deal with this subject too much. And when they deal with it that don´t do it any better. I´m not saying that it´s right what´s happening there, but I think it´s an international subject, for sure not an israeli one.

    • Jett

      Good points. I have always wondered why if countries can move cargo around the world for profit basically unchecked, why people can’t cross borders under some scrutiny but without major hassle. Yeah, the camps in Europe are bad too and your right, immigration is an international problem.

      I think what is setting Israel apart though is that they haven’t made it about migration. They have made it about race. Even this morning, some MK said that every African is a threat which of course is not true but the attitude is reflective of the core problem. Ynet has a good article this morning on a reporter that went undercover as a migrant. A lot the problems there could be fixed if someone just said, let’s try to fix things. But when you don’t like a person because of the color of their skin, and you really believe they are inferior, and you own the power, why fix things? The other problem is they aren’t just going after illegal immigrants. They intend to go after all African migrants. Whatever happens, I don’t think this ends well. I keep thinking how Ben Gurion must be having a fit in his grave because he loved anything African.

      • Vera

        truly horrible and scary – still: it´s always about race. a lot of people are very welcome in europe – african refugees for sure not. I just think it´s important to shift away the focus from what israel is doing wrong cause this won´t solve any of these problems. I hope though there will be an internal discussion and protests. I really hope so. (which would be by the way much more of a reaction than what´s happening in europe were no one gives a shit.)

      • Jett

        Totally agree that there needs to be internal action both in Israel and Europe. The fact there isn’t probably disturbs me as much as anything. 😦

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