Today was the day on the calendar when the ‘Muses’ were honored. In ancient Rome there use to be a festival to mark this event. Of course the concept really rose to the surface in Greek tradition although I am sure it pre-dates them. The ancients believed there were 9 Muses (a later tradition had 13).

They were spirits of course who did exactly what their names entailed, inspire humans with the better qualities of culture. Now, you don’t have to believe in spirits or things of that nature, the Muses themselves would probably say follow your instinct, but you can’t argue with the notion of ‘inspiration’.

You don’t have to be an artist to receive inspiration. Artists come to the mind first. A poet will use a setting, a novelist a character he has met, a song writer the emotion he has felt, a dancer will make the moves, a painter what his eyes see, all to make great art. But others besides artists have inspiration. When you do something special to make someone’s day, you’ve been inspired. When you are in that board room and suddenly have a flash of brilliant thinking, you’ve been inspired. When you give a pair of shoes to someone who has none, you’re making the Muses smile.

A true artist will tell you that you can’t wait on inspiration. That is true. The deadline your boss or client gave you could care less if you are inspired or not and will arrive all the same. But every artist will tell you that the moment he senses the Muses at work, is a moment of bliss. There are few feelings like it.

So at this time when the Muses are honored, take a moment, look around at what inspires you, then think of the moments when it has happened when you least expected it, and ask yourself, how do the Muses come down and join you in play in your playground called life?

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