The Artist

I was worn out today. I’m putting in long hours winding up a project which I will have BIG news about in the coming week. But today, Dell sent a guy out to fix my laptop which was starting to have motherboard problems. He replaced the motherboard. We started it up, looked fine. He left. I sent one tweet. Computer totally crashed. So I wasted most of the morning with the tech guy, and then a couple of hours with Dell trying to figure out what happened. We’ll be repeating the process tomorrow.

Meanwhile, by this evening, I was just tired. I managed a skype call on some business but then I was wiped out. And since my computer is in limbo anyway, I decided to take a couple of hours to myself. For perspective, I’ve averaged maybe one day off each of the last three months so the fact I am starting to wear down is to be expected really. I hope to take the 4th holiday and sleep in, maybe have a beer or two, and rest that day.

I decided to rent ‘The Artist’. I know this movie was the big thing a year ago and swept all kinds of awards but it never played here and I never got a chance to drive somewhere and see it. A lot of people skipped it, because it is basically a silent film but that is their loss.

This is a FANTASTIC movie and worthy of every Oscar and Golden Globe it took home. Now I confess, in the last couple years my interest in the silent era has been stoked a bit. I don’t know what has caused this. Maybe because I have a famous cousin – Oscar winner herself – that went from silent pics to talkies quite successfully. I have also though learned to appreciate the skill those people had back in those days. For the record, Charlie Chaplin would have to be near the top of any list for greatest entertainers of all-time.

Speaking of Chaplin, let me divert here, a young guy in my dad’s building who is a movie buff had never heard of Chaplin or seen a silent picture. I started telling him about Chaplin earlier in the year and then made him a 10 minute montage of some of Chaplin’s more famous scenes. The guy loved it and now watches silent movies – especially Chaplin – all the time.

The Artist is a bittersweet story really that captures the feel of the silent era but is full of emotion. I found myself all caught up in it by the time it was half-way through, and the directing was top-notch. There is a scene where the star realizes talkies are coming and has a dream where things have sound but not him. Basically, he becomes a silent movie inside a silent movie. I loved that twist!

Another fav scene of mine is when he is looking in a men’s fashion window at a tux and it is filmed so you see perfectly what he use to look like in a tux. Nice bit of directing there.

The cast is great. It is more than a movie about stars but really about pride and how easily our fortunes turn for better and worse. You may laugh, you may cry, but you will definitely enjoy this movie. It hit video stores this week. Do yourself a BIG favor and rent this one!

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