My efforts of this year, especially the last 3 months, have finally found fruition. The book I have been working on is finally finished and as of last night out in ebook format. The print version will be out next week and trust me when I say that I will give a not-so-subtle reminder when the print version is up for sale.

JETT OF ARABIA: A True Tale Of The Middle East is an adventurous tale of my exploits in the Middle East. Want to know what the region is really like, away from news headlines and cameras? Then this is the book for you. Having lived there, I share the various wonderments and characters I encountered along my journeys.

There are two guarantees that come with this book. The first is that you start this book with no clue about will happen. The second is that you won’t become bored. It is an easy read and one that I hope will spark even more interest about the people in the region. If there is one thing this book is truly about, it is the people for people make a place.

If you don’t have a kindle, the kindle app is free to download to any pc, tablet (including ipad), and phone. Also, these files will work on most ebook readers. Amazon Prime Members can download for free. Also, it helps me if you loan it out to someone else when you finish so I hope you take advantage of that. If you read it, I hope you will drop me a note and let me know what you thought of the story. Then, do me a favor and leave a review – good, bad, or otherwise – on Amazon so others will know how it rates. By the way, the E.U. Amazon sites will have book listed as well.

Let me thank you for your support ahead of time and now, ebook readers, feel free to download and begin reading!

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