Olympic Thoughts

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to blog much. My book, Jett Of Arabia, is out and available in both paperback and e-book format. See the last post for details. My first show, based on the book, is in about 10 days so rehearsal takes a chunk of my time. However, I have had some thoughts about the Olympics and thought I would share.

The opening ceremony was great. The way the torch was lit – and designed – was the best. And I liked the fact that the Queen was such a good sport to play along with the James Bond sketch. I really enjoyed the ceremony.

I didn’t enjoy that NBC refused to show the part honoring the victims of terrorism because as they put it, ‘it wasn’t tailored to Americans’. What an insult. NBC coverage here is really terrible. Events aren’t normally shown live. They break away from live events to show ENDLESS commercials. I was trying to watch women’s field hockey yesterday and they broke away for a series of commercials and missed the USA team actually scoring. They also refuse to show hardly any non-American athletes or sports where Americans aren’t competitive. Very sad and narrow-minded. As a life-long Olympic fan, I am really shattered by this.

NBC also doesn’t like criticism. A lot of people are becoming frustrated by NBC’s coverage and the social networks are reflecting the heat. So one guy, @guyadams , was actually complaining and found an email address for someone at NBC for people to contact and lodge complaints. In retaliation, NBC contacted Twitter and had the guy’s account shutdown. I can’t believe they went along with that but they did. Now the print media here has started to pick up on this story.

The other major disappointment is the goal keeper for the Women’s Soccer Team. Her name is Hope Solo @hopesolo and she began tweeting a bunch of B.S. about former U.S. Women’s hero Brandi Chastain @brandichastain . There is no love lost between the two but Chastain criticized the American defense the other day while announcing a match and Solo went on a tirade about it singling Chastain out and doing all but calling her out for a gunfight.

The defense needs work. That was obvious when the French scored 2 goals on Hope Solo in the first half. The U.S. Women are winning but not because of Solo but because of the fab strikers of Morgan and Wambach. Turns out though that Solo actually is looking for a little publicity because she has a book coming out right when the Olympics end. Go figure, right?

It is too bad that NBC and many Americans have to treat the Olympics like a bad reality show, instead of sharing a happy moment with the rest of the world. This is a moment when we put our differences aside and come together to share a human experience. How I wish I could get Canadian TV or even the BBC.

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