When You Knock Science

You know, I really thought when I heard the ‘Christians Are The New Jews’ theory (see previous post) last week that it was going to be the craziest thing I heard someone say for awhile. Then, like the rest of the world, I heard Rep. Akin open his mouth on tv over the weekend and say that if a woman was victim of a “legitimate rape” she wouldn’t get pregnant because her body has a way to “shut that whole thing down”. Hold that thought.

Then today, I heard Rep. King defend fellow-congressman Akin and say that he’s never seen a young woman become pregnant from rape or incest. Both these guys quote a quack doctor tied to the Romney Campaign and now we learn Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Akin to leave no exceptions on abortion for those who suffered rape or incest.

Let us move past the abortion debate. If you are pro-choice ok, and if you are pro-life, I can respect that stance and your personal adherence to it. I just think women should reach that decision on their own without government dictating the issue. But either way, I do favor an exception for those who suffer rape and incest.

Let us move past whether these two morons should even be in Congress. My feeling is, if you can’t define a rape and you don’t understand that a woman can get pregnant from a rape, then you probably need to be in a sex education class instead of Congress where you determine the fate of the country. Any doctor who backs such nonsense needs to have his license revoked and join you in that class.

But how did these guys get to this point and have a following – albeit small – in this fantasy land of theirs? Well, it dawns on me that these guys belong to the Tea Party wing of the GOP which has for decades now been knocking any science that comes out which counters their personal beliefs – as though that changes the facts. You see this in climate change, the argument about vaccinations, and now abortion. Recently, they got North Carolina to pass law making it illegal in State reports to use any science data related to climate change which shows sea levels may rise. So now the guys in charge of coastal protection and emergency planning can’t use any science data in their planning. Obviously, such a law will stop the sea from rising, right?

I think when you spend decades trying to tear down science then it becomes easy to believe a woman can’t get pregnant from a rape. Any theory tossed out there can be taken as factual when you discredit science from the start. These guys will fall back on religion, as Akin and King both did today, (as though their idiocy is God’s fault) and will never understand that they aren’t the center of the universe or that most of our lives, our environment, the events which happen to us, are beyond our control. They live in denial so they will never admit that bad things happen to good people so yes, a victim of rape may find herself pregnant to make matters worse.

I wish the land of my birth would start taking issues seriously, treat education and science with respect, and begin to use the brains we have to fix many of the challenges we face. Right now though, we have so many Akins and Kings in our ranks, we will be lucky to not have a collective nervous breakdown.

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