Sometimes this blog is my way of stepping outside and screaming at the planet out of despair. Right now, that is my only motivation. So you’ll hear something passionate if not totally rational.

I should’ve been in bed a couple hours ago. But now I am out of whiskey and still frustrated and a little fed up. I’m tired of seeing my friends dying from their own hand out of despair or from lack of medical care. I’m not anti-capitalistic by nature but unlike many of my countrymen, I do believe people should be given a place to live, food to sustain life, and healthcare when in need no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, healthcare has become all about cost and profit. When did a human soul’s value become set by the market place? Healthcare in this country is so bad that I know when my mom was ill, we stationed someone in her room 24/7 to prevent wrongful surgery on her. This saved her life no less than 3 times.

When I had my accident earlier this year, the doctors I initially saw could only think of what other things I might need that might bring them extra income. As a result, my real injuries never got proper treatment until later when I dumped them for a different doctor who works outside the normal system.

The universe is hostile. It is callous. I guess it is no surprise that the human race should reflect that. I get bombarded daily about how bad people the poor are or am told how people should take care of themselves if even they are ill – and oddly this seems to be more reflected from so-called religious people which I find baffling – and yet, if they find themselves in the same position, they would expect immediate treatment and a miracle.

I am tired of losing friends due to despair. I firmly believe we are all connected in this life and after. If my friend gives up hope or is cast aside for the sake of a buck, should I not feel their agony? I think I would worry even more if my conscience did not even register the empathy. I have seen death, I know life and death decisions literally, but I never want to be callous enough to forego the experience of feeling that pain.

I want to step outside right now. I want to shout at the world with such a roar that it makes them realize our lives are nothing but specks in the universe and that we are connected to the relative, the co-worker, the friend we have a beer with, and the stranger we’ve never actually met. We are one even if we are separate. I want to shout but the universe would only make it a hollow sound. Instead, I will sit inside and play a song on my mind for a friend. A rare clip.


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