I know that during the last week or so I have blogged about movies. I like movies, blog about them often, but normally I change it up and so I will but in the next post. Deal?

The Presidential debate was on tonight, so was discount night at the cinema. Naturally, I chose the cinema. I have been wanting to see Argo which is a Ben Affleck project. I really, really, REALLY liked this film a lot! Have no doubts, I recommend you see this for all sorts of reasons.

Argo is the true story of how 6 Americans who had escaped out a door of the embassy when it was stormed in Tehran during the 1978-1980 hostage crisis were eventually sneaked out of Iran. The real story remained classified until President Clinton declassified it.

The ads reveal this so I am not giving up any on the premise. A CIA agent hastily uses a fake movie as cover to get the people out. Remember this is a true story. So you have a heroic Oscar winning makeup artist, an award winning director/producer, you have the unbelievable being passed off as believable.

Obviously, history is very important to this story and I really liked the fact that the movie opened with a little background history. Most people won’t know that Iran actually ELECTED a leader but that the Americans and Brits backed a coup to put the Shah on the throne so they could keep control of the oil. Everything old is new again, right? And even if you think you know the history of that period, there are some new things you’ll learn.

This movie isn’t non-stop action, car chases or explosions, or even 007 like shootouts and escapes. What it is though is non-stop tension. There are a lot of close calls in this movie and they will keep you glued to the screen. This is a classic type thriller.

If you see this movie don’t leave before the credits! Kudos has to be given to the makeup crew on this film. The actors were totally transformed. By the way this is an all-star cast but it was really nice to see Clea DuVall back up on the big screen. Fine actress who doesn’t get cast enough in my opinion.  Back to the makeup work though because at the end of the movie they show the actor as he was in the movie next to a photo of the real person and you’re going to have a hard time telling them apart. They even showed stills from news scenes next to movie stills and you could’ve interchanged them. They even got a voice over from President Carter.

Carter brought something to my mind which I had never thought of before. Carter approved the mission then kept the US role secret afterwards. If he had spilled the details – like politicians would’ve today – Carter would’ve been a two-term President. At the very least it would’ve offset the failed military mission that cost him the election.

This is an ensemble movie about a historical event that in some ways has relevancy today. This is definitely worth the price of admission even on a non-discount night. Do yourself a favor, learn a bit of hidden history, see this film. 

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