The Little Green Book

Lately, I have been re-reading some books. I have seldom ever done this but there are actually some that come in handy when I need to brush up on a subject. I find I remember some details from the book and others come across as fresh. Do you re-read books a lot? I wonder what reading habits are out there.

This past week I tackled The Little Green Book, precursor to Little Blue Book & Little Black Book, by poker pro Phil Gordon. Gordon use to host a poker show and of course is a famous player, mostly renown for his tournament play. For novices out there, big difference exists in how to play tournament and ring games.

Most people don’t realize how much math is involved in poker. For me, reading a poker book can be like sitting in a class room as I scan over how to use an algebra formula to calculate pot odds, implied odds, or the number of outs.

There are poker players who can sit down and give you the implied odds for example in a heartbeat. Then there are guys like me who at best can round the figure off but still read the situation and play it right. It is a bit like a friend who told me once, “I don’t know how bonds act but I do know when interest rates are headed in one direction, bonds go in the other.” Sometimes, it is most important to realize the situation.

What I like about Gordon’s writing style is that it is easy to read for the average poker player. Even the math is explained in simple terms like ‘the rule of 4’. He covers most situations a player will run into, mixes it with personal experience, and demonstrates how a poker player might end up in the money every time out.

I also like that Gordon details what the percentage of hitting a hand is in various situations. A handy guide for us guys who have trouble doing the algebra at the table. I haven’t read the other two books in this series but intend too but in the meantime, I highly recommend this book no matter what level of poker player you are. Read it, then shuffle up and deal.

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