Ghosts Among Us

Halloween is my fav holiday of the year although having said that, I seldom get to really indulge in it the way I would like. Where I am at right at the moment, the people don’t get that into it and there are no great Halloween parties tonight. Shame. I’ve made a goal to really have a great Halloween in 2013 provided I’m not a ghost myself by that point. If I don’t survive until next Halloween then I guess I will have no trouble crashing your 2013 party undetected will I?

In the spirit of the holiday, it seems like the book GHOST AMONG US is just what is called for to mark the day. It is a best-selling book by James Van Praagh. I’ve read a couple of his books, had read this one once before, and last week re-read it.

Do you believe in ghosts? What is on the other side? What do you think you will encounter when, as is bound to happen, mortality overtakes you? These are questions that we all naturally ask ourselves at some point. We like to ignore the questions and the answers but that doesn’t change what will be facing us.

One thing I have found rather curious is that the more people are devoted to an established religion, the more they tend to scorn at the notion of ghosts and the paranormal. I find this odd. I’ve heard numerous Christians over the years attack Halloween (some Devil trick) and scorn anyone who expresses belief in the paranormal.

I find this oddly curious <- a Mr. Spock phrase > because the Bible actually mentions ghosts, (what would you call Jesus showing up after being killed?), spirits that interact with the human race, magic, and things that give you goosebumps. (Ask Samuel when some invisible thing kept calling his name in the middle of the night if he didn’t get a chill.) And if you are religious, you – I assume – firmly believe in an afterlife so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t accept that it might include things we don’t understand. Arrogance? Perhaps. More likely fear of the unknown.

If you want to learn more about what ghosts are like and how to interact with them, then I recommend Ghosts Among Us. James Van Praagh is a world renown psychic/medium with a great reputation. He has authored several best-sellers and you might know him as the producer of the hit tv show The Ghost Whisperer.

 Ghosts Among Us describes the characteristics of ghosts, how you will know if one is there before you might see it or how it communicates with you and you with them. He relies on his experience to give clues about what the other side may be like based on what he has learned from ghosts. He also shares personal stories which in a couple cases may give you those goosebumps I had mentioned.

Treat this book like a beginners guide. He has another one with a bit more detail in Heaven And Earth. His writing style makes this an easy read and will capture your attention. I guarantee you though, you read this or any of his other books, you won’t be looking at your surroundings in the same light ever again. Now go enjoy your Halloween party (have a little extra fun for me) and remember there is something invisible that really can go ‘boo’ if it wants too hovering somewhere nearby.

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