Maybe It Is A Mayan Thing?

On Thursday I came real close to my world ending. I thought I had until December 21st, that is what the Mayans promised after all. Of course I am joking. The Mayans didn’t really predict the end of the world in December like a lot of people think but I personally have been skating on the edge of my universe most of this year and it is nice to have someone else to blame for that. 🙂

If you know me, you know ‘unexplained’ things occur around me on a regular basis. If you don’t believe in paranormal, spiritual, or that the cosmos might have a surprise or two in store for us, don’t sweat it. I don’t talk about it a lot but as a species I think we try hard to ignore what we can’t explain.

Thursday I was driving away from a little trail I use to walk a couple miles every now and then. There is a train track nearby and as so happened a train was passing through so I stopped with the other cars to wait. On the other side of the track was an intersection for Main St. which is normally jammed with cars. It is the main route here.

I was mulling certain things over in my mind while I sat there when – and I won’t give lots of detail here other than to say it was pretty pronounced – something of a ‘paranormal’ nature got my attention. Within seconds I realized something wasn’t right with my vehicle. My brakes weren’t right.

I put my vehicle in park for a second to contemplate my next move and realized I was next to a parking lot. Actually, right in front of the entrance as it so happened so I pulled into it. The brakes were fine as I pulled into it and I considered trying to get home. No sooner than I thought that then I realized the brakes weren’t right again. So I parked the vehicle.

I called my dad who came over to get me. We checked the brake fluid. I keep a regular eye on my vehicle’s fluids and brake fluid doesn’t get used quickly so I was surprised when we opened it up and found the brake fluid low. No problem though, an auto store was nearby.

As we returned from the auto store with brake fluid my eye caught a huge wet spot under my vehicle. My dad hadn’t seen it either and I crawled under for a peek. The brake line had totally busted and the fluid was running out. Thus the reason I had no brakes.

Now if it hadn’t been for the ‘thing’ that happened while I was sitting, waiting on the train, I would have just a couple minutes later pulled out onto Main St. at 35-40 mph and it wouldn’t have been until I needed to slow down or stop in the middle of a lot of traffic that I would’ve discovered the brakes were gone. Of course at that point, it would have been too late and at the least I would’ve crashed into something or more likely into someone else injuring all of us severely. So I am grateful for that ‘occurrence’ while I was sitting at the tracks. Otherwise …. who knows.

I’m going to be walking for a while I think because I got the estimate for repairs and well, let me just say it wasn’t in the budget. If you know the States then you know how difficult it is to get around here without a vehicle because there is no real public transport. Where I am at there is absolutely none. Maybe I should buy a horse. It is a thought. I think the Mayans would’ve appreciated such a solution.

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