Life In A Day

Life In A Day is an award-winning film you probably have heard little about. It came out last year and the executive producers were Tony and Ridley Scott. The premise of this film – a documentary – is simple: film the world as it happened on 24th July 2010.

The film lined up a bunch of people, many with ties to the industry but not all were that way, and told them to film what happened on that day. It made for a pretty interesting snapshot of planet Earth which is the appeal of this movie. It is humanity in its totality.

That isn’t an exaggeration. You see animals and people giving birth – and the father who fainted while filming – and those who are face to face with death. There is the family who has to sleep in a rowboat and the teenager who refuses to get up in the morning. There are festivals of light and the tragedy of the Love Parade in Europe. People show what is in their pockets and describe what they love.

A few characters stick in my mind though as I write this. There was the Korean guy who was seeing the world on a bicycle. He had been seeing the world this way for over 9 years! It made me wonder what makes some us want to explore non-stop and others never want to leave their front yard? I once met a couple Aussies who had been traveling the world for 5 straight years, and one time put up a lady who had crisscrossed the States on a bicycle for a couple of years. I still have the postcard she sent me later from the road. But 9 years? Would he be a lost soul or maybe the one who truly found it?

Then there was the lady, who when participants were asked to describe what they love, picked an obscure word from a dead language with a really unusual meaning that actually said a lot about her and expectations in life. It was the way she described this word … I confess by the time she got done I wanted to ask for her phone number. It wasn’t because she was good-looking (she was alright) but rather because by the time she finished it was clear she was one of the more interesting people one could come across and I am a sucker for ‘interesting’. 

The ending of this film was also pretty powerful. A lady with nothing spectacular to record and a confession on why it meant something to her. It was a great way to end the film and when you see this film what she says will stick with you. One other moment I will mention, you want to see some kewl photography, the skydiving segment …. I will leave it there.

I hope you do rent this film. It is on DVD and Netflix. I thought while watching the film if aliens were scouting us out that this would be a good primer 🙂 . Essentially, this is a look into a mirror as to who we are as a species. Like anyone who looks in the mirror, you stare at the image and go “Is that who I really am?” Well, it was for these people at least for one day.

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