The Secret Archives

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People often ask why historians and authors keep researching the Holocaust. The answer is simple. We do it because there is always something new to be learned and the story is a long way from being fully told.

Even Holocaust survivors can learn something new as is discovered in this 60 Minutes piece on the secret archives kept by the Nazi’s which is just now being made public. Watch as the first survivors ever to look at these archives react to what they find.

Hitler’s Secret Archives

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3 thoughts on “The Secret Archives

  1. Raanan

    The video in the link is fascinating and frighting at the same time. The amount of information still being brought to light after so many years only shows the extent of the horror that was the Holocaust.

    • Jett

      It really is hard to imagine the degree to which the Holocaust and even the war itself disrupted lives until you start digging in the research.

  2. Janet

    Just horrific and mind boggling…….I am just sickened….It is even difficult to hear these stories….This interview was amazing….no words…..

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