The movie Casablanca is coming on television right now. I saw the anniversary one-night showing of the movie in theatres earlier this year – there is a previous post about that – and there is little doubt that the movie is one of the great if not greatest movies ever made. The characters – and a cast that knew how to portray them  -deserve the credit as well as a dozen writers who literally were typing out pages the day of the shoot. The ending was arrived at in the car on the way to lunch just before having to shoot it. Who can forget Rick’s?

Well, I know that feeling because there are plenty of adventures I’ve had in the Middle East that I wasn’t able to forget which is why I wrote my book at the urging of friends titled Jett Of Arabia. None of the adventures are in Casablanca but you will find exotic places like Petra and Cairo as well as all the musings from my flat in the ancient city of Jaffa which is now part of the city Tel Aviv -Yafo.

Yes, this is a shameless plug for you Christmas shoppers out there or just book lovers seeking a real page turner. You won’t find Humphrey Bogart or Peter Lorre, or even the heartbreaker Ingrid Bergman, but you will find refugees of the heart, Holocaust survivors, people surviving the streets of Tel Aviv, amazing archaeological finds and yes be shocked to discover there’s gambling somewhere in the story!

Right now Jett Of Arabia is available on all websites around the globe which also offer sample pages for browsing. As I write this those who shop in the U.K. can find it on sale. The story can be bought in both paperback and e-book format. Feel free to drop me a comment or note if you have questions or have a special request. I’m not above arranging for an autographed copy if so desired.

If you like this blog then you’ll like the book. If you have an interest in travel, adventure, the off-beaten track in life, or just want to know what life in the Middle East is like when everyone isn’t shooting at each other, then this book will make a good buy. After you finish it, let me know what you think!


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