Pictures By Nazi Soldiers

This is a post put up this morning on our website which is a WWII/Holocaust related project we are working on. I hope you will visit that site, bookmark it, and follow along as we research and develop the project. ANY support you can give on this will be a great help. There is a 2 minute video on the site explaining it and a paypal button if you are so moved. Thanks!

There is a good article at today containing a bunch of pictures that were taken by German soldiers of the Jewish population during the Holocaust. These photos were found in soldiers’ photo albums and are mostly of towns around Poland. They depict every day life and are really interesting to look at so I will link to the article at the bottom.

I did notice one thing though in the article that struck me as odd. Well, maybe not so much. The editors at Ynet apparently feel they have to explain why Jews would’ve smiled for a photo taken by a Nazi soldier or not acted afraid of the soldiers. If you read the captions you see comments like ‘they must not have known’ or ‘forced to’ yet only a couple of the photos are of atrocities but most focus on everyday life. Basically, the soldiers were capturing what they were seeing. I think sometimes we forget there is always a normality that exists in war. Besides, most of us would stop for a photo even if we hate the person taking the picture and especially if they are your occupier with a gun. It needs no explaining away. There was no shame in it. It struck me as the editors might have been trying to over-compensate there.

This is a good set of photos so I hope you will give them a glance.,7340,L-4316685,00.html

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3 thoughts on “Pictures By Nazi Soldiers

  1. I’m speechless. These photos are so horrific. Glad they were found to show the world more about what really happened…but oh my God!

    • Jett

      The photos from that era always say a lot about what really went on.

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