Think It Right

Turns out the interpretations of the Mayans were wrong (maybe the doomsday guys should’ve used Rosetta Stone to figure out what the Mayans really said)  and so the world has limped into 2013. Realizing now there is no way to escape it we must face 2013 head on.  *insert your primal scream here*

What I have heard a lot about lately is that 2013 is the dawning of a new era. Call me skeptical but I favor the sentiment of the song that says “everything old is new again” starting with the fact someone believes a new era has started. True the world is changing at a faster rate and that is to be expected. As a species we double our knowledge faster and faster each year which is in part a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more knowledge we obtain the faster we can learn and because we learned more we learn even faster still … you get the picture.

The other thing I have heard a lot of is what I call the think it right theory. This theory has seeped into all ranks and it to seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy because if you follow the theory you have positive thoughts, imagine what you think you want, and it will be attracted to you. So the think it right theory attracts those who think that it is what they want and thus in one respect is proven right. Again, you get the picture. But here is the flip side of the theory no one discusses and I am not saying this to be a killjoy but rather to throw the cold water of rationality on what has become a hot flame. The flip side is it doesn’t always work and there is plenty of proof of that around us.

I have noticed the major proponents of this theory are those who are pretty well set socially/economically. For me this is a bit like the old Robert Klein sketch where he makes fun of real estate infomercials on how to make a million dollars with no money down and he says, “What you do first is find a million dollars … ” If you are set economically for life, have a dream job, or have opportunities galore, don’t tell everyone else all you have to do is think it right and opportunity will come your way.

Yes, you must have the right attitude, surround yourself with the right people and be open to change. That is important. If you hang out in a bar all the time with drunks or crackheads eventually their misery will rub off on you in one form or another. So yeah, you have to walk into the sunlight to get a clear view of the landscape so you can navigate your way.

However, it takes more than think it right. Most homeless people never dreamed of being homeless. I am sure they think/wish every night they had a roof over their heads but the fact is unless they get help from someone chances are it won’t happen. There are so many families living in their cars right now that some cities have begun ‘safe parking zones’ where those homeless who have jobs can park at night and not worry about who is lurking outside. Only the working homeless are allowed inside the lots. Even school buses are stopping at motels and parking lots to pick up the homeless children who carry no fault of their own.

Bad things happen to good people. It is a fact. Sometimes there is a purpose and sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes one bad decision by you or someone else can crumble your think it right and your life into shambles.

What I am trying to say is that more important than think it right is the willingness to strive to survive and to reach a helping hand when you can to those who may be ‘thinking’ but can’t seem to set it ‘right’. Even then the odds are long. There are many more people who fail than those who succeed and I don’t believe the deciding factor rests solely with think it right. Rarely do I use Biblical examples on here but for all his thinking he could do it, Peter couldn’t walk all the way across the water without being bailed out and even a doubting Thomas still managed to touch a Jesus.

Do the world a favor. Don’t bet your life and the influence you have on those around you solely on think it right.

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