The Golden Statue

It is that time of year again where the golden statue named Oscar is passed out. The ceremony is Sunday and man, there were some awesome movies this year!

If you take a look at the Best Picture category there really isn’t a weak movie there. This category though seems to be a three-way race. Going into award season the favorite was Spielberg’s Lincoln but Argo has been winning all the awards. Les Miserables is the only other movie people would consider having a chance for an upset. Life of Pi or Silver Linings Playbook are great films but competition is just too tough this year. Amour is also nominated in Best Foreign Picture category so probably will take home the golden boy there.

This really is a coin-flip. There will be suspense at the award ceremony this year. I have to say I thought Lincoln would win but after seeing how Argo has swept the boards I will give the nod to it. Both are great films and oddly, Ben Affleck never got a nod for Best Director. If you haven’t seen these movies, you have cheated yourself.

Like I said Affleck never got a Best Director nod so one would think advantage to Spielberg for Lincoln but the Academy has never – for whatever reason – been nice to Spielberg. Don’t be surprised if he loses.

There are two acting categories that have competition. Best Actress pits Jennifer Lawrence (who I think will win) for Silver Linings Playbook against Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty. Then there is the Best Supporting Actor category where every single nominee already has won an Oscar which I do believe is a first. From Lincoln there is Tommy Lee Jones who was brilliant and from Django Unchained Christopher Waltz. I think Jones will win but it isn’t a given by any means.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the writing categories wouldn’t I? There are two categories. One is for original and the other for adapted screenplay. I will give the edge to Tony Kushner for Lincoln but I won’t be shocked if Silver Linings Playbook or Argo sneaks one here. I think Tarantino has to get the edge for Django Unchained. Whatever you think of Tarantino movies, he is always original and a really good writer which is not bad for a guy who was video store clerk until he was like 30.

As you can tell the results for Sunday night are far from a given. Here is a summary of my picks. Make a list of your own and see how we compare. Bet you a beer? 🙂


BEST DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg

BEST ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln

BEST ACTRESS: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables

BEST FOREIGN FILM: Amour (although I really want to see ‘A Royal Affair’)


ANIMATED FEATURE: Brave (be great if Tim Burton won though)


COSTUMES: Les Miserables

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Searching for Sugar Man (this is a great story … man fails at singing career in US only to discover decades later only the Beatles were bigger than him in South Africa. Proves you just never know).

You can view the rest on my Facebook page. Give it a follow. I’m always posting something interesting. Enjoy the Oscar broadcast!

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