Silent Seattle Nights

It is Poetry Day and so it seems fitting I should take this opportunity and post a poem. This is from my new book, “The Traveler’s Verse” which can be bought for $5.99 paperback and $2.99 e-book by just clicking on the icon in the sidebar or going to Amazon. This isn’t the best poem in the book but one easily shared. As though I really need to say this but yes, all copyrights are reserved so buy the book for someone if you wish to share.




On silent Seattle nights

I speak with my eyes;

you reply with a half-grin

and the dangling of a room key

holding the promise behind door 210.


It ends with a reluctant morning hug

where the words run away

leaving love to choke,

smothered by the smoky embers

left on the pillows

 and the chilly stare of the sun

that shines dimly on what is unraveled, undone.


I wish to watch from the balcony

the fog roll back out to sea

sensing the comfort zone

that hovers somewhere, out there,

between the horizon and me.

You slip out the door with practiced ease,

a teaser for the next silent Seattle night.



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