Easter Ramblings

It is Easter. In the States, few jobs provide for an extra-long weekend on the holiday and really it isn’t a big travel holiday (probably because everyone still has to work) so most Easter gatherings are local.

Easter always reminds me of my mother though because she really went all out – (you should’ve seen her on Christmas!) – and really those memories are the only relevance the holiday has to me anymore. Still, I can’t help recalling my mother on this holiday.

It wouldn’t be Easter if my mom didn’t treat herself to a BIG new hat and of course a dress to go with it, not that my mom needed an excuse to shop but she did love those big hats. Of course growing up, since my family was religious, everyone pretty much got a new outfit for Easter to wear to Church, a ritual I usually dreaded. Let’s just say my taste in fashion usually ran contrary to the rest of the family.

There were Easter egg baskets and egg hunts with chocolate & money … the chocolate was received much more favorably by me that the clothes ritual … and the meal after Church which my mom cooked. A large group of people were always invited over for a meal that had ham, noodles, sometimes turkey as well, homemade bread, pasta salad, green beans and a dessert of some kind. Often that was bread pudding which is hard to find these days for some reason. I thought it would make a comeback with the deep recession but guess not. I have never thought to ask until now but I wonder if bread pudding was ever a thing in Europe?

My mom liked looking her best on Easter Sunday and she liked mingling with everyone especially all the people who only came to service on Easter and Christmas. She liked showing off that new dress and big hat 🙂

Well, that is a few random ramblings on this Easter. Whatever religion you are, however you observe, whether you do or don’t, I wish you a good holiday all the same.

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