The Cat Killer

To say this has been a weird week in the States is an understatement as we’ve had the terrorists in Boston trying to blowup the world, an Elvis impersonator sending ricin-laced letters, and a fertilizer plant explode taking half a town with it. Don’t worry, this post isn’t about any of that but rather how I became a Cat Killer today. 

The family I am with has four kids (see the last post) so I was taking one to a date at an arena football game and was to feed the two  younger ones on the way back home. Simple enough, right? Well, it would be if the first kid hadn’t gotten the directions wrong and gotten us lost on the way there. We finally found the arena but as I pulled the truck into a turn lane on a busy road and waited for a light, I noticed a weird event unfolding.

A lady in the front of the lane next to ours got out from behind the steering wheel and stood out in the road. No one had a clue what she was doing other than she was holding a phone like she was going to take a picture with it. Most of the cars were in the turn lane like me and there was one car in front of me.

The light started to turn green so I rolled the truck forward to go when we heard the lady scream and make wild arm motions like a tragedy was unfolding and then I felt a bump under a tire of the truck. My first reaction was I had hit a kid or something who had somehow wandered into traffic so I put the truck into park and jumped out. The driver in front of me must’ve had the same reaction for he got out as well.

What we found were two newborn cats (one now deceased) that had wandered into the busy roadway. With our luck, it was at this precise moment that a police cruiser rolled up in the opposite lanes to see what the commotion was and when we said it was a cat they flashed a look of ‘you’re holding up traffic for a cat?’. Mind you, it was a seriously busy intersection.

Why the lady didn’t stop to pick up the cats if she was so concerned or warn other drivers is beyond me. As far as I could tell, she just wanted a picture of the cute kitties – neither of which survived as one of the kids saw the second one get hit as we were turning. Fortunately, they handled it ok as cat killers seldom get the benefit of the doubt. I hadn’t planned on adding Cat Killer to my rap sheet this trip but there it is.

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