Mark Klein

I am going to do something I rarely do and that is make a double-posting about a subject. I wasn’t even going to blog about this but I got interviewed about the NSA scandal last night by Al Jazeera and so I thought I’d blog about the experience. After all, that isn’t something that happens everyday. But I want to start with an item I pointed the reporters too, which they didn’t know and  I suspect most people reading this don’t know.

There is an interview which I have never forgotten. It was on PBS Frontline and aired in 2007. It was part of their show Spying On The Home Front and was with an AT&T 20 yr technician named Mark Klein. It turns out that Mr. Klein, quite by accident, discovered way back in 2002 that the NSA was beginning to spy on a massive scale domestically. What the NSA has been doing has been going on since Bush/Cheney took office and has kept expanding and now we have the uncontrollable mess under Obama. But the interview is quite revealing and Klein basically became a whistleblower. I am sure you can order a DVD copy but you can read the transcript on the PBS link I am going to provide. Mr. Klein has a book about his experience but I haven’t read it. It just came out recently which is perfect timing I guess. If you have doubts about the government’s intentions then just read this transcript

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