Now You See Me


It is Father’s Day and so I naturally took up my dad on his invitation to go out-of-town today and have dinner at a Chinese place that is way above average and go see a movie. You can probably guess by this blog that my family are movie buffs. We like a good story, what can I say?

We were in total agreement to skip Man Of Steel – seriously, how many times are they going to keep re-hashing the same old comic book stories? What is this, the 4th incarnation of Superman? If you don’t know the story by now you never will. LOL

I had heard some good things about Now You See Me and my dad is a BIG Morgan Freeman fan so we opted to go see it instead. Nobody walked out disappointed with that choice. It was one of those movies that the audience really got into and you often heard aloud laughter and “whoa” as the movie went on. The movie just sucked the audience right in which is fitting since the movie is about a bunch of magicians who pull off a series of heists but give away the money to their audience.

This is not your typical heist movie. For starters, the cast is really well placed. There is Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, and Isla Fisher to name a few. Oh, and yes, in two key supporting roles, Oscar winners  Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. The plot is as well thought out as the cast.

I’m  not going to say a lot about the plot other than obviously it involves a lot of magic – but not in the way you would think necessarily – a couple of subplots of revenge, and several twists that will leave you surprised by the ending. I’m not sure anyone around us in the theatre fully guessed the ending and I know no one in our party got it right. And maybe it is that lack of clichés and fresh offering of surprises that made this movie so palpable to everyone. Like I said, it sucked the audience in and the people at my showing were loving the ride.

I actually would go see this again, it was that good. If you get a chance, catch this one at your local cinema before they replace it with the 12th version of G.I. Joe or some other nonsense. No, zero regrets on having seen this one and it was a good movie to share with my dad. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

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