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I am not a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracies are hard to pull off under the best of circumstances and sometimes things just happen. They may happen for a reason but that doesn’t mean a 1000 guys got on Skype and said, “hey let us do this thing … ” . Having said that, what happened to Michael Hastings flat-out gives me the chills.

If you don’t know Michael Hastings here are a few things to know. He was a reporter in Iraq and fell in love with an aid worker there who was killed in a suicide bombing. He wrote a book about it that lay bare the situation in Iraq. He is most famous for a Rolling Stone story where he exposed the excesses and partying and crass attitude of the command staff in Afghanistan. It led to the dismissal of Gen. McChrystal by the Obama administration. Those are just a few highlights. He was a top-notch investigative journalist.

This week Michael Hastings died in a car crash. Sad news and car crashes happen EXCEPT … the car crash happened in the middle of L.A. at 4.20 in the morning. There were no other cars involved. Do you know how rare it is for single car crashes in L.A.? I know this street, wrecks like this don’t happen there but Hastings hit a tree. Look at the above picture and see what had to happen for him to hit a tree.

Have you seen a car hit a tree and turn it into a fireball? It did for Hastings. The fire was so big the firefighters couldn’t put it out immediately. The engine to the car was found a 100 feet away from the car. From hitting a tree??? I would also point out something about the pics. Notice the fire seems to have been concentrated in the driver’s side. Don’t car fires from a collision usually start with the engine or the fuel tank in the rear? Apparently, not in this case. And he would have to be dead on impact not to get out right? I mean even if injured, you would open the door, break a window or whatever if your car was on fire.

Here is what else we know … the FBI denied investigating Hastings but an email released by the Los Angeles Police today shows they were investigating him. So the FBI was lying. With the events of the last few weeks that is no surprise to Americans. Hastings sent an email to an officer he knew there warning that his friends were being questioned. Hastings believed he was being investigated under the Espionage Act. There are a dozen reporters currently being investigated under the Espionage Act for receiving leaks from sources or reporting on stories concerning the NSA, Drones and surveillance. Somehow, reporting the truth makes these reporters spies according to the Obama Administration. More facts from that day …

We know that Hastings was working on a story concerning NSA, FBI and surveillance. He thought it was something huge and dangerous. He thought he needed to go into hiding and that his life was in danger. We also know that he called his lawyer just a couple hours before his death and that he was warning friends and sources they were in danger as well.

Let me ask YOU something – knowing all this do you still think Michael Hastings accidentally hit a tree that caused his car to blow up into a huge fireball? I am linking the LAPD related story. You can read the email for yourself at the end of the story. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/lapd-officially-confirms-michael-hastings-car-crash-victim-233000393.html

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