Synchronicity Monday

The word of the day is “Synchronicity.” I have had a couple incidents of synchronicity today that are really pretty amazing. This morning I knew the answers to a couple of things before the question got asked. Along those lines, I actually knew a guy was taking a nap this afternoon on a different continent which I think freaked him out when we finally connected. But if you know me, you know those precursor insights come with the territory sometimes. But the BIG incident of the day unfolded in the most common of fashions that it caught me off guard.

I was out trying to take care of some business and was passing the post office when I thought I’d pop in real quick, buy a couple of stamps I needed and pick up my mail. I was literally stepping out of the car when my instinct changed. I felt like I needed to skip it, I could do it later easy enough, and go to the next place which was a garage to book my appointment to service my van for an upcoming road trip. So, I shut the door to the van and drove away. No logic to it other than that is what my instinct told me to do. And the following is why sometimes you should listen to your instinct.

I was literally 1/2 a block from the Post Office when I saw a guy I knew walking. I had caught a light so I yelled at him and asked if he needed a lift. He is a good guy. We know each other casually but I hadn’t seen him in at least 6 months. I was happy to give him a lift to wherever (the town isn’t that big) He is a guy in his 20’s, always has one or two jobs, lives on a shoestring budget, and is really quite talented and bright. As the older cartoon would say, “Smarter than the average bear” especially around here.

He asked so I gave the latest about me and the upcoming trip which he was envious of and we had a couple laughs. As we pulled into the destination and he started to get out, I asked about him and that is when things turned. I am not even sure how it came up but I found myself saying, “Why are you still here? You’re too bright (no exaggeration) and can really make a mark on the world. Why don’t you leave?” Suddenly we were into a discussion about him going back to college (something he has put off for a couple of years now) and the fears of leaving what you know and taking the risk. I don’t think people should be put down for having fears because they are legitimate and success is never guaranteed.

As the conversation wore on I could tell that this was the first time in a while he had gotten to voice what he was feeling. While we sat there – for a good 15-20 minutes after we stopped – he said, “You’re right.” He texted friends in a nearby city who had offered for him to stay with them. He was afraid of taking them up on their offer, a bit of personal pride, but I told him – and I believe this – sometimes opportunity doesn’t come with a big sign but in the form of the little things. a simple suggestion, a seemingly causal offer like “crash at our place.” I gave him a suggestion that he hadn’t thought of for a work opportunity that he said he seemed grateful for. When he stepped out of the car, I could tell his whole day had turned with that one car ride. Whether he follows up is his choice but the path is there and a bit of encouragement to go with it. I know what he secretly wants and if he pursues it in the end, he will literally impact thousands of people and I feel for the good. He possesses that capability.

Sometimes we must listen to the universe when it speaks to us in a hushed tone. We often like to see logic before we act but truth is the logic will be revealed once we listen and start down a path. I could have very easily finished getting out of the van to get the stamps I still need. I could have said, and it did run through my mind, that it was crazy to turn into the post office and park and not follow through and that my instinct had to be out of sync on this Monday. If though I had done that, I would never have caught the red light at the very moment my friend was reaching the cross walk and given him a lift in which turn he would never had seen or been encouraged to take the possibility laying in front of him. Like I said, sometimes it is wise to listen to that hushed tone of the universe. You just might be the ripple that turns into a wave if you do. My wish is he follows through and that today’s ripple turns into a wave wherever he goes down the line.

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