Clouds Of Fire



Clouds Of Fire is a new book just out this weekend. I collaborated on it with David Asbill. The story centers around a group of teenagers in the small Mississippi town of De Soto Lake in 1956. During one fateful weekend, they encounter prejudice, love, a terrible crime and death. It is the weekend when they enter adulthood or at least come face-to-face with the fallacies of adulthood. 

The book details life in a small Mississippi town. David Asbill hails from Corinth, MS so you can make the connection there. The story is based loosely on the places and events he had while growing up and you do get a good feel of 1956 while reading this story. At times it will seem like a different world, that is how much things have changed in half-a-century. Think of the plot as a cross between To Kill A Mockingbird and Stand By Me. The book isn’t long at just over 200 pages and is aimed at young adult and adult audiences.

It is always hard for me as an author to critique my own work but I did enjoy writing this story and I felt like in the end we produced a nice little book for you readers out there. It is on Amazon in paperback for $9.99 and available on Kindle for $2.99. I am linking the paperback version here. When you read it, leave a review or drop a note and let us know what you thought. I hope you enjoy Clouds Of Fire.


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One thought on “Clouds Of Fire

  1. David Asbill

    Thanks Jett for all your hard work and friendship.
    David Asbill

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