Our trip is going well and I find myself with a rare few moments to write an actual blog. So far we have clocked over 3500 miles and have seen all kinds of sights. My internet has been more sketchy than anticipated so pardon the gaps in posting but I hope you will understand. I did want to blog about some thoughts that have occurred to me during our trip to California.

We have been staying with a friend for a few days out in California. I consider her one of the smartest and kewlest people I know although she would probably tell me hush up if she heard me say that. But it is true. I hold her in more respect than she probably realizes. I have found staying at her place an interesting experience for several reasons but mostly because it has given me a taste of a slice of life I rarely experience. She is part of the growing counter-culture movement or alternative lifestyle as some may phrase it. And no, I’m not necessarily talking about sexuality but rather to quote The Dude, “It’s a way of life.”

She moved out here not knowing anyone and lived on a campsite for a year to get her land developed. She is part of the growing movement that is telling the establishment that they aren’t interested in playing “that” game and set off to do their own thing. Life is short and no one is interested in being any corporation or government’s pawn. When I stay at her place I feel like in a way I have been thrown back half-a-century and am experiencing a commune type living that was thriving in the 1960s or 1970s. That movement changed our world, whether we admit it or not, and I suspect this modern version of that will do so as well.

There is something to be said for getting back to the earth and giving instead of getting all the time. There is a spark of purpose in breathing in the spirituality of a sunrise creeping over the mountains and realizing the DNA of the universe runs through the veins of the cosmos and not through a brokerage account on Wall Street. There is a breath of being in meditating in the moment and realizing to strip ourselves bare of possessions and wants is to truly reveal ourselves. Only when we see the nakedness of our souls do we come face-to-face with our flaws and limitations, the very elements that hold us back in becoming what we were put in this space and time to be. There isn’t a tech app or development that will ever be able to determine that for us for by their very nature tech development is artificial and if that becomes the core of our being then we sell ourselves short by living an artificial existence.

Alright, I’m writing this at a place called the Cozmic Café so maybe the kaffee has been spiked but these are thoughts running through my mind this morning. It is such reflections though that make the time we take for personal insight worthwhile.

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