The Road Ends

The road has ended for now. The 3 week, 7000 mile trek we embarked upon came to its conclusion last night. I have tons of pictures etc. that I haven’t had time to sort through yet so there will be more to post about the trek but the journey itself came to a conclusion yesterday evening. The last activity that @daren140 and Louis(12) and I did was to shoot hoops in gym late last night. My father’s church was kind enough to put them up in a guest quarters they have and the church has a gym so Louis(12) wanted to shoot hoops and it seemed like a fitting end before they left in the wee hours to catch the plane back to the United Kingdom.

Every trip I expect to add to my life and this was no different. There was no epiphany moment so much as a lot of little sums of experiences that added to the whole. I have my highlights and I know they differ from the others on the trip and I gleaned insights in unexpected places that I have yet to share but this is what a good road trip is about; the unexpected weaving its fabric through your life.  The best highlights are the people I met along the journey. I made new friends and others were encounters that will always stick with me. It seems anti-climatic having returned. I woke up this morning feeling a bit like the hitchhiker ready to put his thumb out in the new dawn to see where it takes him because he knows he’s not quite there yet.

Last night, after the basketball, I thought I would bring the experience full circle. The week before I left on the trip I had read On The Road. I reviewed it in an earlier blog post and had really liked the book but commented I couldn’t see how it would make a good movie which I knew was being released on DVD on August 6th while I was gone. So, last night, I rented the movie and popped it in about midnight to view.

My conclusion is that I was right about a movie version. While the book is a classic and the story really interesting, there is no way to do it justice in a movie. The scale is too great for that medium and if you know me then you know how much I love movies so I don’t say that lightly. The cast was awesome but no part was big enough for it to hook you into a character. The directing was beautiful but it was a script without direction because it is impossible for a movie format to convey the underlying themes that the book outlines so well. In short, major events from the book are skipped or skirted over and so you really never get the core of why these people are who they are in the movie version the way you do in the book. Skip the DVD and just read the book. You’ll marvel at the book.

So in my case maybe it is poetic justice that the move fell flat and was in itself anti-climatic as well. The road is always there, outstretched on the horizon that is just beyond your fingertips, where an untold story awaits. I just have to pick the right moment to tell it.

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