A Little Celebration




Had a little celebration this evening thanks to my dad. It may seem mild but I had fun all the same. First we saw the movie Blue Jasmine. I’m a huge Woody Allen fan and this is his latest and so it was my choice. My dad isn’t a Woody Allen fan and at first he was unsure about seeing the film but he actually ended up liking it which is a recommendation in itself.

The movie has some twists and I won’t spoil them. What I will say is that the lead as played by Cate Blanchett is fascinating. She does one of the best acting jobs of her career and the range of emotions that unravel as the story progresses is amazing and she almost effortlessly transcends each change. I should warn you, while there are some really funny parts to this movie (even my dad was laughing out loud more than once) the film is a drama that touches on the downfall of a once rich Park Avenue type who has to move in with her working class sister.

The cast in this movie is awesome with Alec Baldwin, Peter Saarsgard, C.K. Louis, Andrew Dice Clay, but I was really impressed by Sally Hawkins (the sister) as well. Everyone is talking an Oscar nod for Cate Blanchett (I think that is a given after seeing the film) but I think Sally Hawkins has to be given an Oscar nod for her supporting role as well. Like most Woody Allen films, the dialogue flows, is believable, and triggers unusual responses while the cast is let loose to do what they do best. I would say more about the plot but seriously, I don’t want to spoil it. This is another classic movie for Woody Allen. God, how I wish I had a writing resume like his. 🙂

After the movie, my dad and I tried a German restaurant we had never visited before. My neighbor gave it a good review and he was right. The Bavaria House was delicious! This was my meal before I devoured it (sorry to vegetarian readers ahead of time)


For the first time I tried spaetzle and liked it. The bratwurst was really, really good and who can go wrong with hot German potato salad? Yep, I was stuffed by the time I rose from my seat. It was a great day and I was glad both the movie and meal were a success. That is the best one can expect for a celebration and so big thanks to my dad for a great day!

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