The Bling Ring Extra


There are two tales to this post including one aspect I don’t think I have ever posted about before. Yesterday was a strange day for me as just about anything tech related went wrong. Paypal a hassle. My phone suddenly became too old for my Square app, a fact I found out after an hour of trying to fix it and an email I had to wait 24 hrs for a reply. A site I own was pointed to the wrong servers, when I finally got that straightened out the password didn’t work correctly. There is more but you get the picture. So I cancelled plans and decided to watch a couple of movies and regroup. I actually joined Redbox (a tech aspect that ended up working) and was delighted to see The Bling Ring for rent.

To say I am a Sofia Coppola fan is an understatement. Her two films Lost In Translation and Somewhere make my all-time favorites list and as a writer I ALWAYS learn from her technique. Sofia Coppola uses silence better than anyone I have ever seen. Somewhere is the prime example. By this I mean she – on film – lets the motion of characters speak for themselves without dialogue. As a writer she sets the bar on how to reveal characters when they aren’t speaking. Don’t get me wrong, there is a reason she has an Oscar for scriptwriting. Yet, the other lesson she teaches is how minimal dialogue has to be and how to make every word count. So, you shouldn’t be surprised every time she releases a movie I get excited.

This is her fifth movie and the third on a non-fiction topic. The Bling RIng is based on the true story of the teenagers who became so celebrity obsessed that they began robbing celebrity houses, not necessarily for money and jewels but for their clothes and so they could say they partied there. They broke into Paris Hilton’s house over a 1/2 dozen times. In fact, a lot of this movie was filmed inside Paris Hilton’s house which was brave of her but once you see inside also confirms just about every shallow thing you ever thought of Paris.

The acting standout in this movie is Emma Watson. Forget Harry Potter, the lady can act. I’ve seen her in a couple other movies now and she demonstrates a wide-range of skills and clearly takes her craft very seriously. When she is on-screen she dominates.

The second tale of this DVD is something I never blog about and that is the ‘Extras’ on the disc menu. Watch them. There is one called “Behind The Bling Ring” which is with the reporters who investigated the robberies and a producer who filmed one of the robbers who at the time was doing a reality show – oh, the irony! Another irony I will give away here is that when she got locked up she was in jail with Lindsay Lohan, one of her victims. Like I said – oh, the irony! What you get in this extra is a very introspective look at the real people and a lot of questions about modern society that we don’t like to face. I like what one of the people said when they pointed out that the robbers actually shared a lot of common traits with the celebrities they targeted especially when it came to aspirations. Sad but true.

The other bonus extras are good as well but this was the best and I found it really, really interesting so if you rent the DVD watch it! This is not Coppola’s best film , not up to par with Lost In Translation or Somewhere but I still give it marks as a worthwhile rental. And of course, I look forward to her next film.

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