Detective LeighAnn



Last week I posted about my time with Officer Falon and now it is time to post about the rest of that day. After I left Officer Falon, I spent a couple of hours with Detective LeighAnn (again, I am using only a first name). She is the only female detective on the force. If she has a specialty – and detectives are required to handle whatever comes their way – it is sex abuse/assault cases. She shared examples of these cases and I can tell you those details would turn the stomachs of most of my readers. And from what she was telling me, it is amazing how many people don’t really think they have done something wrong. We are a strange species indeed.

When she first became a detective years ago, a couple of her superiors – no longer on the force and I should add the work environment is much more supportive now – were not happy about having a female detective so they purposely overloaded her with work hoping to persuade her to walk away from her desk and her badge. What they got instead was someone who stepped up to the plate and handled what they threw at her. Even in this small town she handles over a hundred cases each year. One misconception people have about detectives (which comes from television) is that detectives concentrate on one or two cases until they are solved. That couldn’t be further from the truth as indicated by the boxes of files scattered around her office. They don’t have the time or the resources. If you have 10 cases on your desk … well, you do the math.

Here they don’t have a large murder rate per se but bodies keep popping up in fields and mine shafts. 90% of these are drug related cases and the cartels have their fingers even in small places like here. Another misconception (again from television) is that police normally have hard physical evidence like DNA. A majority of cases are solved lacking things like DNA but it is a problem with juries who believe everything should be just like they saw on CSI last Monday night. Real life doesn’t work that way.

While talking to Detective LeighAnn, I noticed her office and found it interesting. Her little cubicle was quite colorful so I snapped a few photos as you can tell a lot by what a person surrounds themselves with, so I thought I’d share some of those photos with you. The above Marilyn Monroe picture was hanging in there. I am always surprised by how popular Monroe continues to be. The hourglass below cracked me up. Apparently, Detective LeighAnn allots you only so much time.





She is a big T.R. fan and the above is on her board while the other saying is hanging near her computer. Both say a lot about who she is, I think.




And then there were these characters on her desk. As you can tell, the detective is an interesting person. I appreciate her letting me hang with her for a couple of hours and I wish her the best as she is getting married this week. Don’t be surprised if some of this day with the two police officers make it into my novel.


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