The Adventure Of Normality

We often feel as though to have adventure in our lives, to encounter the unexpected, we must travel to an exotic locale, spend a lot of money on an item we placed on our bucket list or follow the herd and copy what the Jones’ next door are doing. Truth is, normality – when you set no preconditions – has a way of providing its own adventure.

Today was a prime example of that. I woke up with the major items on my calendar being 2 business calls and going out-of-town to get my haircut. Figured I would be back by early evening to some work but as it turned out normality threw me a couple nice adventures.

I did the business calls. Then I had a pleasant lunch with my dad. Rolled out-of-town like planned and got my haircut and had a nice visit with my barber. She’s been cutting my hair for nearly a decade now so it is like tagging up with a friend at this point. I actually met a bunch of kids there that will end up on my interesting people list I keep. Then the unexpected took me for a turn.

I quickly looked for a couple small items at the mall – the stores were really not up to Christmas speed and my barber said business has fallen off lately which may not bode well for the economy – then I thought I would stop at the cinema and see if The Book Thief was playing. I knew it would never play in my town and I wanted to see it. Perfect timing . Last matinée started in 20 minutes. It was a REALLY good movie and I’ll post about it soon, I am sure.

Seldom having this much ‘down time’, I thought I would stop for a quick beer. Met a girl named Molly who was working two jobs at the ripe age of 21. I was surprised by her total mistrust of the government although I have noticed lately that trend in that generation is growing. They basically just assume the government is lying and not serving their interests. CNN won’t talk about that but it is there. Anyway, we chatted about everything from the economy to the best way to blaze your way through the day. That quick stop at the pub ended up being not so quick.

Dinner came to mind which prompted the stop at White Castle. Again, intended to be a quick pit stop. I was the only person in there and just starting to eat when another guy not wearing a coat in this freezing weather came in and ordered a bite. He asked if he could borrow my phone as he had dropped his and it wasn’t working. An odd request and he was covered in tattoo’s so I wasn’t sure but eh, why not? Turned out his car had broken down nearby and he had been waiting for an hour and a half for a friend who had not yet showed.

We started chatting while eating so I offered him a lift. He offered to pay for gas but I said forget it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been rescued from a stranded situation by a stranger. Turns out he is in a band so we got to comparing musical notes and he is into literature so writing came up etc. Nice guy and I plan to his band as I’d like to check them out at some point.

I finally made it back to town, dead tired … too tired to do the work I had planned on this evening – although it is well into night now – and so will look forward to fresh coffee and those Krispy Kreme Donuts I picked for breakfast to jump-start what will be a busy day Friday. I will be inspired by The Book Thief and the new people I crossed paths with today and wonder where the adventure of normality will take me next.


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