Is it a busy time of year or what? The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is shorter this year and I think everyone is busy cramming. The disruption of the winter storms doesn’t help in that respect. Still, it just isn’t the shorter holiday season this year. 2013 has proved to be one of the busiest years of my life – a fact I totally love. I hope the rest of my life keeps up this pace. 🙂

This leads me to giving an update though. I was hoping to have Jackpot Girl done by the holiday but that isn’t going to happen. I’m a good month off schedule which is in all honesty the most off schedule I have ever been on a project. Part of it is due to the fact my computer crashed which cost me a week combined with me being ill for about 10 days in November. So, if you are a supporter, don’t worry it is coming and I will bonus you as well. If you are unhappy with this turn of events, just drop me a line and I’ll try to put a smile back on your face. No offense taken by it.

The other side of this is that there has been a whole lot more going on than meets the eye. I will actually have 3 books out in the next 6 months. I also have a business venture I have been working on – it sorta came up out of the blue and has added to me being thrown off schedule. So there are lots happening, hopefully for the good but I guess that remains to be seen. 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know what was up so no one was left wondering. Stay tuned to this space – this Bat Channel so to speak – for further news in the days ahead. I’m thankful to my followers on here and look forward to sharing even more with you in the days ahead.

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