So Called Angels (2013)



I am reposting MOST of a piece I did last year at this time. This may be the first time I ever reposted a piece but this is a holiday tradition with me so it may be a different year but the story is the same. I hope you enjoy it and I will post something fresh in a couple days. 

Time for a bit of a Holiday related post don’t you think? Let me start by wishing everyone out there a Happy Holidays! Whatever your religion, traditions or beliefs, enjoy the time with friends and family and take some stock in the life you have.

There is a television episode called So Called Angels which I always watch. It is my favorite Christmas show but more about that in a moment. In Christmas past one might have watched Its A Wonderful Life. When I was a kid you could literally flip the channels and the movie would be playing on practically every station and often more than once. I learned the other night the reason for this. Seems the movie at one point fell into public domain and so television stations could broadcast it for free which is how the whole nation got hooked on it.

Other favorite shows include Christmas Carol (George C. Scott and Patrick Stewart versions being my favs) and of course A Charlie Brown Christmas and there is an episode of West Wing from the First Season I think … the one where Toby uses the President’s name to help bury a Homeless Vet who froze to death wearing a coat he had given away. If you are up for Chinese food and having your mouth washed out with soap there is the 24 hr showing of A Christmas Story. All good stuff.

However, the one I will be sticking in the dvd player for sure is So Called Angels from the Claire Danes series My So Called Life. It is the episode where Danes character tries to help a runaway homeless teen without realizing she is really an angel. In the process she grows closer to her mother and the family re-discovers Christmas. Juliana Hatfield plays the angel and does a special song. The scene where the Jewish kid living across the street calls the teen suicide help line because he becomes depressed after being left alone for the holiday is hilarious! A classmate who answers recognizes his voice… lets just say if help lines were answered that way in real life their phones would be ringing off the hook.

I once caused a minor disturbance in a pizza place because of this show. I was with a friend who had never seen it and so I started explaining how great a show it was. The waitress overheard us and was like “Yes, I cried at the end!”  and then the table next to us went “Are you talking about My So Called Life? In short within five minutes there was over 100 people in the place having a discussion about the show. Literally every single table got caught up in the conversation. My friend and I just started laughing.

Well, whatever you will be watching or doing take a moment somewhere in the holiday and help someone less fortunate or just do something nice for someone who wasn’t expecting it. Let them cut in line, pay for their coffee, share some of the candy you really shouldn’t be eating in the first place. No one is asking you to be a real one but it doesn’t hurt to be a so called Angel once in a while. Happy Holidays!!!


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