The Ellen Page Speech


This is a bit of an unusual post for me but I want to blog briefly about the Ellen Page speech last night. I watched it online shortly after it was posted and normally I wouldn’t have bothered but I am a big Ellen Page fan. I think she has some acting chops and I loved her movies Juno and Whip It to name but a couple. Those are in my DVD library and I’ve watched them several times.

If you haven’t bothered with the news today then you may not know that Ellen Page announced she was gay at a HRC event. Normally, I could care less about this, my view is that I seriously don’t care who sleeps with who or how you like your sex. If it puts a smile on your face and harms no one then I say go for it. That is my philosophy.

However, there was something special about Page’s speech. I tuned in because I’m a fan but I was very moved by her speech. Often these announcements are so staged they come off as a PR stunt (rightly or not) or the person making the announcement is so obviously gay that they’re mistaken that no one knows. An example of this was Brian Boitano earlier this month … I literally thought he’d come out years ago. What set Paige’s speech apart from all others was the sincerity. She was genuine, and spoke so much from the heart and was so nervous doing it, I felt like I was watching a stranger who’d come off the street and opened up to us and there just by chance happened to be cameras around. You could see the relief of having the burden lifted from her as she neared the end of the speech and I really wonder what kind of toll it has taken on her life.

She spoke of this toll – how it had hurt relationships, wore on her psyche, and impacted her career. I was also glad to see her touch on the subjects of suicides and bullying in this context for they are two very serious and real concerns. Her speech – whether you are straight or gay – was inspiring for it was a microcosm of what we all go through at some point in our lives on one issue or the other.

I hope you will take 8 minutes and watch her speech. I am providng this LINK. If Ellen Page struggles with these feelings, imagine what your brother, sister, neighbor or friend goes through. Now with that said, I might just have to find that Whip It DVD.

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