La Grande Vadrouille


La Grande Vadrouille or Don’t Look Now …. We’re Being Shot At is the type of film that will make you forget the day and  put a smile on your face. I love French cinema – they do some great storytelling – and this film was gifted to me by friends in Le Mans. It lived up to my expectations and I found myself laughing aloud through most of the film.

The film is a comedy of errors starting from the first frame. An R.A.F. bomber crew has their map shot up by flak during a bombing raid. Thinking they are flying back to England, they look out the window only to discover they are in fact flying over Paris. The Germans shoot the plane down and the movie centers on the crew trying to find each other and escape into Vichy France.

There is a lot of physical comedy in this movie and none better than scenes in a hotel where a couple of the escapees are unbeknownst sharing a room with German officers. The actor, Louis de Funes, goes through this elaborate routine of creating vocal sound effects that will have you in stitches. I don’t know much about him as an actor but my guess is he was on Vaudeville at some point because it is the type of routine that would have been appreciated there.

Unless you are French or possibly English, you won’t recognize most of the names in this movie but you probably will recognize their faces as many had character roles in other films. Some of the dialogue is in English but there are subtitles for the French and German lines. This movie may have been released in 1966 but it is still fresh and so if you come across it, watch the film. It is a lighthearted delight. Big THANKS! to my friends who gifted this to me. Perfect choice. 🙂

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