Yom HaShoah


Sunday at sundown starts Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Some institutions like the museums will be having weeklong observances. I always try to mark the day, wherever I may be, but this year the moment has in many ways become a bit more personal for me. I will blog about that on my other blog theundergroundgirls.wordpress.com . I encourage you to visit that later when you can as I will be posting this evening at some point.

For now, and to post about Yom HaShoah here, I decided to do something simple but different. I thought I would give a nod to the those who survived. In their own ways, while they lived, they also died in those camps. The person that went in never emerged again. I came across the photo above the other day and ended up pinning it to my Pinterest board. This is Rachel. She is 10 in this photo which was taken 2 years after she was liberated from Auschwitz. Take a good look at the face, ponder the context and her past for a couple moments. There’s nothing more I can say that will add to that.

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One thought on “Yom HaShoah

  1. Just curious: what was her background, and why was she sent to Auschwitz? The Nazis who ran that monstrous place were supposed to murder all children on arrival. Might she have been in a different camp?

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