The Tortoise and The Hare


I was walking across a parking lot next to where I live and spotted this guy laying out on a parking stripe, catching rays. He was pretty content sitting there in the sun. I had to do a double-take because I was pretty surprised to see a turtle out in the middle of a parking lot like that. While he may have been content, I was concerned since it was a parking lot and I knew drivers couldn’t really spot him on the pavement like that. I was afraid I’d come back shortly and find the ingredients for turtle soup laying out on the pavement.

I stood there for a moment waiting for him to move but he never did. Then I contemplated whether or not I should move him to a grassy area nearby. I know that turtles bite and really didn’t want to get one hooked to my finger if I tried to help. So I thought, if I came up from behind he wouldn’t be able t reach me. Well, the turtle must’ve sensed my intentions because when I took a step to circle behind he popped into action. I mean, that little dude scooted across the lot in like 10 seconds. I laughed, not realizing turtles could move like that.

It made me rethink that tortoise and the hare story though. Instead of the tortoise just plodding along, I am left with the impression that the hare – a sprinter by nature – ran out of steam, stopped in a pub along the way to wet his whistle and then found a place to sleep it off while the tortoise was a speed walker/racer who had endurance on his side. If you see a turtle with a really good suntan, tell him I say hello.

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