Ramblings Of A Surreal Day


Today – as it was listed on the calendar thanks to FIFA – was going to be mostly about the Germany vs. USA match in the World Cup. It is a key match, I’m a big fan, and the banner above shows you who I will be rooting for when it starts.  Still, it seems surreal to be contemplating it, although I know the game will prove a welcomed distraction before this day concludes. Then again the whole day is surreal.

As I wait for news from the surgeons on whether someone survives or not – an all-day ordeal – I started the day by finishing an email about a script scene involving a death and a cemetery visit. Throw in a zombie script I read last night – which actually was fun – and dealing with a vile step-mother who is demented enough to make a sane person reconsider if the Taliban aren’t on to something after all and yeah, ‘surreal’ seems like an appropriate word.

As the title in this post suggest, this is only a rambling. Then again, life is a bit of a ramble, the coherent moments of clarity being as rare a sighting as a condor on the move. In the meantime, go Germany. Rah, rah, rah.

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