Sleep. The lack of it. I’ve been awake since 5 a.m. which means I had a whopping 3 hours sleep. More like a good nap really, when you think about it. Sleep. It eludes me.

I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s rest. Seems like there was a day 3 weeks ago when I actually got a regular night’s sleep. Like I said, I can’t really remember. One of the side-effects of lack of sleep is the days all start to run into one another like being stuck on the North Pole during the summer equinox – which is day and which is night?

I did manage to get a short walk in early, since I was up anyway. I also emailed a good friend … no particular reason other than I was up and it seemed like a good way to start a Monday that I know will be chaotic, potentially hazardous and mind-bending which of course means I probably won’t sleep much again tonight.

I’m waiting on my coffee to finish brewing so I am taking time to update the blog. Checking off that ‘to-do’ list since I am awake anyway. I could understand my lack of sleep if I had been on a serious pub crawl – hadn’t had one of those in far too long though – or been playing cards for a couple of days non-stop like I’ve been prone to do in years past but there has, I am sad to admit, been no opportunity for that lately.  And while I hear the coffee pot gurgling across the room I am thankful I’m not like on meth or a crackhead. Imagine what it would be like then? Ugh.

Well, time to face the day, another week, done a robe and do some sort of strange Kung-Fu grasshopper walkabout on a strange planet that even the Milky Way barely remembers is there. Now that I think of it, how come Kung Fu is never on in reruns? That was a popular show and we young grasshoppers still have much to learn. Sure would beat the hell out of another ‘Law And Order’ torture hour. Highlight of my day is going to be a stick-man piece of artwork I am going to draw for a friend with a pack of Crayola the daycare next door loaned me. It’s really going to dress up their fridge, I’m sure. Sleep, if you see it, tell it I say hello.

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